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Who We Are

Panthera Consulting provides industry-leading consulting to each and every engagement.

Our consultants specialize in bridging the gap that commonly exists between business and technology teams to drive the solutions that drive your business.


The most critical step in any engagement is accurately identifying your tactical and stategic objectives. Our team leverages industry best-practices and standards to help define your key business and techical objectives.

Our team will work with yours to ensure that new or changing business capabilities are specified at the right level of detail for your organization.


Designing information technology solutions in such a rapidly changing IT landscape can be daunting to many organizations. Leveraging proven technology or selecting innovative options is not just a matter of preference but one of calculated risk.

Our team is there to help you mitigate many of these risks through structured, formal and comprehensive designs.


Panthera Consulting does not provide software development services but remains focused on your business and technical objectives.

Our team will provide Project Management, Procurement Support and Test Management to the extent that is most useful to your organization. Our team brings the experience necessary to lead, coordinate or oversee all of your technology solutioning efforts.


While launching a new solution sounds like pushing a big red button, we all know that it's never that easy. Planning and preparing for a launch is frequently much more onerous than any of the preceeding work. Communication planning, cutover planning, pilot phases and many more considerations must be made to ensure a successful launch.

Panthera consultants will assist your team with the planning and coordination required to launch and operate your new solution.

What We Do

Building upon great ideas...

Over several decades, organizations have come up with various standards, frameworks, disciplines and methodologies to support and improve delivery of Information Technology solutions. Some have been good, some have been bad but none have been without their shortcomings. Panthera recognizes several industry-standard approaches that support Business Development, Product Development, Project Management, Software Development and Service Management.

Depending on your specific needs, our team will help you select the right tool (approach) for the job. Each of our engagements begin with establishment of an Enterprise Architecture framework that is suitable to your organization. Our experience shows that even the lightest-weight EA framework will help identify gaps, understand impacts and drive fiscal awareness.

Enterprise Architecture

Our team has experience working within several well-established EA frameworks such as TOGAF and FEA. We do find, however, that many of our customers either do not currently leverage an EA framework or they aren't getting the value from their current approach. In support of these customers, Panthera Consulting has established a very light-weight framework that provides the most valuable aspects of EA without the burden of other frameworks.

By leveraging one of these frameworks, our consultants can better align technology with the business capabilities that it supports.

Business Development

Panthera believes that the best people to develop your business already live on your team. Our approach to Business Development is to guide your team in fully understanding those things that make your business great and those things that could use some improvement. This effort isn't usually easy and may require some deep dives into your organization, processes, policies and procedures in order to identify the best ways to improve your business performance. Our team is there to help with our proven approach, comprehensive methodologies and experienced guidance.

Product Development

While focused exclusively on technology product and technical service development, our team recoginzes the value in developing these products the same way an organization would develop more tangible products. From concept through delivery, each of the Product Development stages are leveraged to ensure product viability, marketability and profitability.

Software Development

While Panthera does not directly develop software, our team typically works in an oversight and advisory role for many of our customers.

Organizations who are not in the business of writing software generally find value in the work that our consultants can do to streamline the development effort, ensure the solution aligns with their business needs and to coordinate software testing efforts.

Project Management

Panthera consultants are highly experienced in managing projects and programs across several key industries.

Our initial focus is always in determining the best approach and tools to suit your project and your organization. Large scale, highly complex projects may leverage waterfall methodologies wheras other initiatives could leverage Agile... The use of either (or both) is fully dependent on your needs.

Service Management

Service Management is a great way to fully understand how your business is performing. Service Management allows you to get real-world results by measuring, monitoring and reporting on key performance indicators (KPI).

Our team provides the experience necessary to help you plan and implement Service Management with a focus on setting priorities, establishing a path to maturity and implementing the right tools and processes.

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